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Rwandese immigrant who made it big online, With less dopamine in his brain, Claude Buzizi is most known for being an introvert in marketing but that doesn't stop him from having huge ideas.

Starting out in life Claude was told to go to school, study hard and maybe some day he'll be able to get a good job. Soon after graduating high-school he learned that getting rich had nothing to do with having a high-paying job.

Claude threw himself into online marketing in search of passive income opportunities while working dead end jobs in the brewery industry. Eventually, he succeeded at making his first real money online and went on to build a profitable online business from his laptop.

Since then Claude scaled to making effortless passive income online with multiple streams of income.

You're invited to an upcoming live workshop with Claude where you're going to discover how to make more money, have more freedom and less stress while living the lifestyle of your dreams... all from your laptop from anywhere in the world!

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