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Would you like to gain instant access to 700,000,000 real users across virtually every niche market out there for pennies on the dollar? More… would you like to be able to direct-link to affiliate offers without getting banned (ehem… Facebook ads suck… ehem)? Then you gotta try Microsoft Ads. 

 I'll show you how to start and scale cheap Microsoft search ads to generate instant quality traffic to your affiliate bot links to make money instantly.

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Although John & Matt Rhodes help you generate free traffic to your instant money making products, you can also claim a done-for-you traffic campaign on Microsoft Ads with me. 

Upon request, I will set up a Microsoft Ads campaign for you to help you start generating quality targeted traffic for your new product immediately without you lifting a finger (besides starting your Microsoft Ads account, which we can’t do for you).

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To claim your bonuses, please forward your request to using subject line "One Click Products Bonus"

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As you work with John & Matt to create your first million dollar product and use their free marketing system to make it into a best-seller… I invite you to get excited about claiming a free license to my million dollar product and marketing system you can plug in instantly to start making money. 

Plus, I’ll even set up a traffic campaign for you on Microsoft Ads for free as a bonus!

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Build a quality email list

Fact: the money is on the list. But you’re stuck because it’s a time-consuming process that requires a lot of capital and energy. Allow Bill and his Leads To Profit System to shortcut the list-building journey for you. This way, you can have your own email list by the end of next month and start earning with it asap.



done for you

How would you like a team of experts to set up everything for you and lead you every step of the way? Bill and his team are willing to do this because they’re invested in your success. All they ask is that you give them a raving testimonial when you’re successful so they can help more people like you.



effortless passive income

Most attempts to set up passive income streams fail because they use outdated methods and systems. On the other hand, Leads To Profit is a done-for-you system that’s constantly updated to ensure conversions. Enjoy passive income from affiliate marketing for years to come…even if you take long breaks from your business.




Earn without creating a product, offering a service, keeping customers happy, or worrying about the marketing material. And you’ll even discover secret strategies that can double, triple and even quadruple your income.




Have you ever bought a program that promised “minimal time investment” but when you bought it, it was all a big fat lie? Not the case with Broadcast Mentor. You only need 60 minutes a day and you won’t even have to be laser-focused for it to work. Even if you can’t dedicate an hour in one go, you can split it up without affecting your results.




The moment a traffic source dries up, you’re done. This is not going to happen with the traffic source you’ll be tapping with Bill’s program. This is an evergreen source that grows and welcomes new buyers all the time. Best part? It’s affordable to generate visitors when you follow the Leads to Profit system so you don’t have to overextend yourself financially.


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