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HOW DOES THIS free audit work?

Chances are, you’re attempting to build your affiliate marketing business with no outside help. At best, you’re watching free YouTube videos that leave you confused about what to do next.

For a limited time, we’re handing out free affiliate audits to committed affiliate marketers who don’t have anyone to talk to about the problems they’re facing. These audits come with no strings attached and work as follows.

You’ll book a 30-minute call with a real super-affiliate. You’ll answer some questions about your situation, previous affiliate experience, budget and dream income. Based on your answers, you’ll be provided with an audit of what you’re doing wrong and what you need to do to get affiliate marketing to work for you.

Then you can choose to either go and implement the prescription on your own or ask me and my team to help you by providing hand holding, guidance, coaching and support for you. This additional support is not free and there is no obligation for you to accept our help, if you don’t want to, for any reason.

how am i ethically bribing you to get free affiliate audit?

Because with the uprise of fake gurus in recent years, it’s gotten really hard to figure out who’s real and who isn’t. So-called eggsperts who have no business (or credentials) teaching people how to build online businesses publish a ton of misleading advice that ends up hurting you! You need someone to tell it to you straight. No sugarcoating.

Besides hooking you up with a free diagnostics call, I’m also ethically bribing you with an exclusive 7-day affiliate marketing case study I never publicly revealed before.

This case study shows the 3-step campaign framework I use to promote affiliate offers to my email list.
I want you to have it just for attending the free coaching call. Why? Because I want you to walk away with an absolute highest chance of success from the upcoming call. 

claim your free coaching call now!

Fill out the short form above and follow the instructions on the next page to pencil yourself into our busy schedule this week.
We don’t run a “coach sweatshop” like the gurus.
At the scheduled time, one of my assistants will call you. If you're having trouble reaching us, just email us at support@claudebuzizi.com

"what's the catch, claude?"

When I first tell people about the free mentoring call, the first thing they ask me "what's the catch? Are you going to try and sell me something?" My answer: Yes, but only if you insist we sell you something.

Typically, after someone attends a free coaching call and gets a customized marketing plan, about 10% of people say thank you and proceed to execute the plan we give them with great success. I love reading their emails saying how this free coaching call turned around for them.
At the same time, about 40% of people say they're going to implement the plan, but end up doing nothing with it. For these people, this call is no different than any other "free education" they do nothing with. They experience no life change. No freedom.
Finally, the remaining 50% of people who we talk to ask us to help them implement the plan we give them, because they need additional guidance just information similarly to how having a fitness trainer helps lose weight faster than just hitting the gym once a week. Personal trainer not only holds you accountable to your diet but also comes up with an exercise regimen unique to your body type and your goals. These people end up becoming our clients and success stories down the road.

So to answer your question - will we try to sell you something? - yes, if you ask us to. and if not, we won't.

Here's What Others Are Saying About My Proven System

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say About Our Results Driven Approach

Carolyn Shadrach

EPM Success Coach

"I was amazed at how you can use chatbots to grow your business when I joined Leads Accelerator Formula program. Claude was able to show us how to actually use chatbots to drive people to our businesses."

Denise Gauff

60 Years Old - English Teacher

"Once again claude, you have been a life saver for me. I just feel like a whole burden has been lifted out from my shoulders. Thank you from the bottomo of my heart for being so generous and so giving."

who is claude?

Hi I'm Claude Buzizi. I help people build wildly profitable email lists in record time.

I know a thing or two about turning email lists into a predictable source of income and I share what I know inside the walls of the Super Affiliate Lifestyle Club.

I'd love to share my wisdom with you so you too can enjoy the List Building Lifestyle.

FOR HELP PLEASE EMAIL support@claudebuzizi.com

OR CALL US AT +32 (488) 72 09 80

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