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the 5 day list building challenge

DAY 1 - Choose Your Niche: The Top 10 most profitable niches for email affiliates

We will kick off this EXCITING challenge on DAY ONE by showing you the top 10 high-profit niches. These niches are where prospects buy like crazy and email affiliates track their journey to riches. It will be exciting as you see how choosing a high profit niche is the first step to success in building the HIGHEST paying email list to own! This day is the only "lecture" day, everything else is workshops actually IMPLEMENTING what you learn each day!

DAY 2 - Target buyer prospects: how to attract buyer prospects with the biggest bank accounts

Now that you've learned what your 10 "high-profit" niches are, and how we find them, then next step is to fill your email list with buyer prospects. We will be showing you a simple process of targeting buyers and not freebie seekers, and then quickly building the kind of "Buyer Bait" that will act like a magnet that attract the most amount of hungry buyers onto your email list! Prepare to be profitable.

DAY 3 - Pick Top converting offer: where to find High-paying offers that don't require authority to promote

Now that you've built your buyer list, the next step is to find the top converting offers to promote that your people want and need. The goal of this training is to show you our secret to rapid profits! I'll show you "where to find HUNDREDS of High Paying Products" that you can quickly promote to your list.

NOTE: On this day we will give you access to  THREE "insider" websites (for FREE) that will help you to find the highest paying, and most profitable offers online for email affiliates!

Day 3 - Pick High Converting Offer

DAY 4 - Buyer attraction funnel: the exact email capture funnel i use to double my affiliate earnings

Now that you have chose your high-paying offer to promote to your list, it's essential that you quickly craft an email capture funnel that attracts high-quality buyer prospects to your email list. This is where ALL your hard work pays off -- big time!

NOTE: On this day, I'll give you the exact email capture funnel I use to double my affiliate earnings.

Day 4 - Buyer Attraction Funnel

DAY 5 - the power of distribution: 6 ways to start collecting leads today

Now that everything is in place, the last step is to actually launch your funnel! Today you will find out why you do not need to spend a lot of money to build a high-profit email list funnel. That's right, and to prove how easy it is, I’ll reveal the 6 ways to start collecting leads today -- including one you can do right now without having a list, a website, and without a social following. 

Day 5 - The Power Of Distribution

your instructor during

this challenge

claude buzizi

What if almost everything you've been told about affiliate marketing was dead wrong? What if you didn't need to start a passion blog or become a social media influencer to successfuly promote affiliate offers?

During the upcoming free training series Claude Buzizi is going to help you see and understand what you need to do in order to build a thriving affiliate marketing business without being forced to leave work or give up on tons of free time with your family.

attend this 5 day challenge to discover the inner workings of one of the highest-converting affiliate funnels ever created and how you can copy it in no time flat without any previous experience.

"just give me 5 days...

and i'll show you the exact "step by step" method for Building An "Email List" Of People who actually Open Their Wallets!"

*** pLUS, get three "insider" websites (for fREE) that will help you to find the highest paying and most profitable offers online when you show up to the trainings!


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5 day list building challenge

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