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I was born and grew up with humble beginnings in a small town in Rwanda, a landlocked country in the Great Rift Valley of Central Africa.

I'm the son of Claver Buzizi and Candide Murekezi and I'm the first born of four children. 

My childhood was difficult, as my family faced many financial and life challenges and moved more than 4 times before I was 9 years old. 

My father was a project director in a Baptist church and my mother was a principal in a secondary school and they instilled in me the value of education and putting forth the efforts that were necessary to get good grades. 

From a very young age, I learned how to work hard and all this effort paid off when went on to earn my degree in computer science.

After graduation, I struggled to find a decent job.

Back in 2012, I was stuck at a dead-end help desk operator job in a beer company...

The job was dangerous due to unsafe working conditions and paid peanut...

The factory couldn't provide full protection & compensation in case of any type of accident or claim...

...since my contract was negotiated and I had no choice but to accept it.

My superiors wouldn't let me leave the factory until I reported field tasks and it was the same exact dreadful routine every day from 7am to 8pm...

In addition to explaining technical processes to non-technical users, I collected field data from 32 sales rep.

For every hour spent indoors, I only ended up making $300 a month...

That's the average salary including housing, transportation, and other benefits that a Rwandan worker traditionally earns...

To put it lightly, it sucked and I was always looking for a way out.

But that hardly helped.

But all that wasn’t the worst part…

I was getting tired of the rat race.

I was exhausted and stressed out over bills. I wanted to travel to see new places… to go on an adventure!

But I could never afford it.

Taking time off work meant losing money and potentially losing my job.

I was growing pretty frustrated with my life.

Then on 17th September 2017, I discovered AliExpress and I started looking for ways to make from online shops. I done ok for 1 years selling just about anything and everything, but I was mostly selling iPhone accessories and baby items from 2 different online shops. I remember sitting in the dimly lit kitchen of my apartment, It was 3 a.m. and my eyes were burning from staring at the screen for too long.

My tired wife walked into the kitchen and asked me what I was doing. We had been married for a few months, and I think she was confused about why I wasn’t sleeping.

Instead, I was up all night on my laptop again. “I’m getting SO close!” I told her. And she smiled and said, “Claude, I love you and all, but I think it’s about time for you to go get a real job.” Those words were like a thousand daggers into my heart.

My smile turned down as I looked twice at my new wife. For over a year now, I had been trying to figure out how to make money online. I saw other people doing it, and they didn’t seem that much smarter than me.

But this long road of trial and error was taking a lot longer than I had planned. What I didn’t know was that the first real money that I would make online was still 18 months ahead of me!

It makes me laugh now because I see all the time on Facebook and in blog posts about how I was an ‘overnight’ success. You see, while I was learning, and studying, and trying…

I was missing the BIGGEST piece. I was too close to my projects, and because of that, I couldn’t see what was missing. It took me 18 months to figure out what it was! But as soon as I did, what happened next was amazing!

Fast forward to December 2018, I was casually browsing Facebook and I came across a free workshop showing people how to make money selling automated chatbots with resale rights. I bought the course out of curiosity more than anything else and when I logged in the members area, I checked it out.

That was my first experience with ‘Info Products’ and I decided I would have a go at selling my first chatbot. At first, I just tried selling chatbots to local companies but I had little success as that was what everyone else was doing. I Continued to learn and refine my strategies and tactics until one day I decided to try my hand at list building and affiliate marketing.

Things really started to happen when I started selling high ticket products that were created by other businesses using the tactics and strategies that I had acquired along the way. This was a huge success and I quickly found I was earning $1000 per week from Products that I haven’t created. This was without even having any form of backend operation in place and I hadn’t even written my first email and I had no idea what building an email list was all about.

However, the best part was I learned to automate the whole process and I noticed no one else seemed to be doing this. Almost by complete fluke, I had developed my own system and it worked well …

… very very well.

This was when I decided to teach others how to make money from the comfort of their home, I created my first member’s website. That was way back in 2019 and since then I have never looked back and have created a ton of info products.

And here we are today, you sitting here reading my story and hopefully learning from it. Believe me, if someone told me what I would be doing today back in 2011 I would have laughed, but here we are, now you may be wondering why I’m telling you this. Well here’s why.

I decided I had to do something with my life, I hated my job. I hated seeing my partner Divine being the only one providing for our needs by doing a 12-hour day shift everyday and sometimes in the weekends. I hated the fact we used to live from month to month and never seemed to have any money. We had to borrow money for Christmas, borrow money to go on vacation, borrow money to pay the bills, in fact, we were constantly in debt.

However, my story is nothing new, in fact, you may even be able to relate to this, and if you can you need to understand one thing. Only one person could do something about my life.


Not my boss, not my family, not the president, not the lottery board, (I wish) it was all down to me. This is what you must understand. Only one person can change your life.


Once you grasp this concept things will start to change for the better, if you hate your job, hate having no money, can’t work due to poor health or are retired or whatever situation you find yourself in it can change, but only you can do it.

Sure, I am here to guide and teach you but your success is in your hands and nothing can change that. You have to grasp what the Internet, and more importantly the information age has to offer, a better life for us all. We are all lucky to be living in this age, just 10 years ago this sort of lifestyle was not possible but now it is possible for each and every one of us to become a huge success because of the Internet and the fact people will pay for information, and it can only get bigger and better in the future. The Internet is creating successful, wealthy people on a daily basis.

I already know you have what it takes to become a success or you wouldn’t be sat here reading this far down the page, this alone proves you have the desire to succeed and as one of my website visitors, I aim to at the very least put you on that road to success. If there is ever anything I can do to help simply get in touch and I’ll do my very best to help.

To your success. Claude Buzizi

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